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Study Circle is a focus app to enjoy studying. If you are having a hard time finding the motivation to study, or if you feel anxious about studying alone, this is the app for you.

4 secrets to increase motivation!

(1) Focus with Friends

With your friends, you can do your best. In Study Circle, you can share your study activity records and goals with your friends.
Aim for your goals with everyone, anytime, anywhere.

(2) Intuitive Study Timer

Study Circle tells you intuitively how much time has passed. You can study more easily by dividing your time with the timer and concentrating.
Once you choose a subject to study on, start the timer and immediately go into concentration mode.

(3) Support Your Friends

Your support will help your precious friends. By connecting with your friends on Study Circle, you can easily cheer each other.
Encourage each other with your friends and move forward with a positive mindset.

(4) Feel Your Progress

We save all your study records. You can look back on your daily records with colorful charts.
The accumulated records are the results of your daily efforts you have walked through.


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